Sunday Ramble

In yoga today my teacher talked about acceptance of life and of self, something which is a challenge to both the young AND the old.

I was thinking about that yesterday when I was passed by my new full length antique mirror which leans against the wall in my hallway. I pass it from the shower to the bedroom every morning.

Sometimes I stop and look and remember when I had the body of a runner, when there was no inch of pinch, or bulges, or dimples. Now, I look and chuckle, noting the attack of cellulite, the bumps, lumps, scars, spots, and veins, though if I squint my eyes and keep the light off, I can still see the framework of that runner’s body.

I chuckle now because I am comfortable about my body. It took 50 years…many wasted with negative thoughts about my self which were so crazy. Part of my acceptance might also be the unconditional love that I have in a man who loves me for who I am and never says a thing that isn’t kind. (sometimes I hate that Larry..because it makes me look cruel, and horrendously evil, especially when I am PMSing , which at this stage in life seems to be more than less!)

And, in that vein, she also talked about accepting other’s faults, because you know you have to choose what is important, and what to let go of. Touché Donna.

So here are my thoughts for the week:

Life isn’t fair.
Pain is part of life.
Things change and end.
People aren’t always loyal and/or loving
Things don’t always turn out the way you plan.

If you can accept this, it sure makes things easier to deal with, doesn’t it?

Tonight’s photo is me and Jesus. He was one of my first students 17 years ago—and he had a mad crush on me back then as a young teen. Today we are good friends, who have another mutual friend in common. I will forever be his mentor and female role model I think, and I totally adore him. I like having young friends. And thanks Larry to obliging me by taking a photo of us together during the photo shoot at Ruben’s. You rock.

Patti O Learner


annie kelleher said…
thank you for a post as rich and savory as wine. slainte@!
A beautiful photo! Kudos to Larry the Photographer. Very interesting how you and Jesus stayed in touch this whole time. I'm sure he thinks that Mama's STILL got it going on!

I hear what you're saying about the aging of the earthly body. Maybe its meant to be that way so that we can focus on things outside of ourselves and what's important as opposed to when we're younger and Workin' It. I clean up nice but rather enjoy being in my skin at 39 way more than I did at 22. 22 was when I bid adieu to any eating disorders due to self image. 39 is just so .... comfortable.
Janet said…
Another thought for the week:

Woodstock said…
PMS is cruel and evil - it's a lil Demon stuck inside all women yearning to take over. PMS doesn't reflect on who you are, it just should be handled the same way as Lycanthropy - with you being chained up in the basement until the episode passes ;P

Judy Vars said…
Thank you so much for the beautiful post, accepting and loving yourself is a slow learning process and we are so worth it.
PMSing bitch and all the guys know you still got it!
Love the post and the messages behind it. I have to ask though, what photo shoot and when can I see more pics of that. I miss Ruben and Jesus, send them my love ok?

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