Skip the Wine - WHERE'S THE VODKA!

I am sooo tired that I can't go out to dinner. Then again, I am not even hungry. The kids at the show kept coming around asking if I wanted food, and I managed to gorge myself on scones, chili, cookies, champagne (in secret hahaha) to the point of disgust. My stomach is still sending out SOS signals.

It was a bit of a slow day for me, had to work very hard to sell very little. But in general I can afford the heat for the studio part way into the winter, and after NY maybe I can keep it open ALL winter, and even buy supplies!

And yes my cheerleaders, I am going to do NY. You can't win if you don't play the game. And I am so wanting to play in the big(ger)leagues. I will spend the next two afternoons trying to fill up a bit on inventory, and give it a whirl!

What is great about this New Paltz show is the quality of the crafts, the camaraderie of the sellers and Unison staff, and the customers who patronize the show and my booth year for 15 years.

This year I bought a lot of my fine art, and it was very well received. I sold some of my quirky and bizarre work - ranging from borderline S & M, double entendre pieces, and my political satire. (all W collages GONE) Sure I sold cards, ornaments and magnets, but a good percentage of my sales came from art. WOW. I am inspired. Excited. Motivated.

So I sit here typing, my feet mashing into my heated Homedics foot massager, working out the kinks and pains of being on my feet all day. Larry has bought me a nip of vodka, and I am ready to watch a Discovery special on the universe. More information to stuff into my brain and bother me.


Patti O Success


annie kelleher said…
cheers to you!! let me be the first of your blogger fans to congratulate you on taking the plunge and doing nyc!!! you go girl!!!
Andrea said…
Yay! Good show, good food, good drink, AND you're doing NY! Yay again!
Woodstock said…
Woohoo!! Lemme know what you need, ok?


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