Madonna and Child

I have made it through the day, although pretty sick during most of it.

But there were things that made me smile.

My little naked grandson, happy in all of his innocence.

A Christmas card from my cyber friend Judy in Alaska.

The memory of my getting engaged on this evening 13 years ago to Larry.

The tradition of a Swedish dinner with Larry's family, complete with Glugg, Aquaveet, dark beer, wine and all kinds of fish and meatballs and cookies.

A visit by Santa the delight of Alanna!

and all my friends who think of us and send their love.

To all who read this, I send you my heartfelt thanks for taking the time to connect with me through this blog. May you have a beautiful and loving Holiday....

Patti O Peace


Anonymous said…
LOL, awww, nekkid behbeh!! Glugg Please!!

Anonymous said…
I wish you a joy filled Christmas with your daughter and grand babies!
Your blog is genuine...the real deal and it is refreshing to read your heartfelt writings.
Judy Vars said…
That bum looks exactly like Michalengos painting, beautiful simply beautiful.
annie kelleher said…
what a beautiful photo! pass the glugg!!!

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