This is a new series of cards I am making in addition to Nursery Crimes, called BAD BOYS. BAD GIRLS will follow shortly.

The Nursery Crimes series was inspired by an old Mother Goose book. I had broken my ankle, was laid up for a long time, and had this mother goose book laying around. In my heavily drugged delirium, I took the words out of context, sometimes jumbled them up, put them next to an image which may or may not have had anything to do with the rhyme, and I had pretty girls telling us that "Jill stopped to polish Jack's nob" or a picture of Jack jumping over a candle stick, with the words that tell the real story, the story we have surmised all along..."Jack burned his cock". See, there WAS a reason that God threw me down the stairs.

I have a lot of fun with these as well as the mixed up letters of the BINGO cards that tell us to GO BI.

Today, under great pressure to design and produce, I made the prototype for a new line of cards, and was in my studio rubbing my hands together gleefully as I had a new antique book that I found last weekend with some REALLY good phrases that will rock your socks.

Today's card is listed on ebay.(link is on the word if it works, or to the right) It could be anythings as wicked as a piece of hot pepper gum, a bumble bee, or something else quite naughty that was popped into someone's mouth. The nice things about the card is, you decide what you want it to be, and who deserves such a card.

I have to finish another order of "normal" cards as my buyer already has quite a collection of my risque cards and needs some that she can send anywhere. But that will not stop me making them, so be prepared to find some popping up on ebay in the next week.

Doing the BAD GIRL dance, Miss Pootie


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