Girlfriends and a business to help South African Women

I had a visit with my dear friend Bardet who is here on the east coast visiting from California. We have known one another as friends and artists for about 14 years now, and being an interfaith minister she married my husband and I 10 years ago tomorrow. She has been one of the most important influences in my life, and we have helped one another through some pretty tough times.

We were laughing over some of the rough times tonite. Like when she was hiking near Mohonk and fell off a rock cliff, and severly broke her shoulder. That is a story for another blog..and I hope that I remember to tell that one. Perhaps tomorrow night. It is a chuckle. But we can ONLY laugh at it some years later, as back then she was pretty damaged and needed some intensive surgery.

Then there was the time I fell and impaled myself on a 2 x 4" and she walked in as I was lying on the floor gasping for breath and cut on the head......

Good friends can pick up where they left off, whether it be 3 weeks or 5 years. And tonite we played "girlfriends" looking at clothes and shoes she had bought, the hats she designed for her daughter's business, Be Sweet, and sipping tea from herbs in her garden, lolling about on her bed.

It was a time of joy, of love, of sisterhood.

She is a designer now for this wonderful business BE SWEET which sells the most AMAZING mohair wools and products made by women in South Africa. Check out the link I just created for a look at the products and mission. I have a FAB scarf that Larry bought me a few years is luscious, warm and knowing that I am supporting women in an area where there is 75% unemployment makes me feel that I am contributing where it counts.

I am off to bed as it has been a long day and will write more about our adventures and about BE SWEET The women pictured are a few of the group of women who make the wools and products you see on the site!

In sisterhood, Patti


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