Early Saturday Morning

No entry yesterday. Just ran out of steam. Had an incredible session with my therapist late in the day and that and the PT and the school day just wiped me out. In a good way though. Both body, mind and spirit worked to the max.

My therapist Peg is the most intelligent amazing woman and I am so blessed to have found her. Not only for healing, but for the journey into a spiritual journey to peace, and divine inspiration. I leave feeling healed and energized to continue on my journeys. She loaned me an article she wrote on a Jungian interpretation of the Mona Lisa ---- and ironically I have been reading the book How to Think Like Leonardo and teach some of the methods in my classroom. I just love such synchronicities!

So the coffee is hitting, I have Alanna today, and she is dancing and enjoying an Elmo tape I found online. We will cruise the market, go to the bank, find some breakfast and enjoy a crisp Autumn morning in the Catskills. I will feed on her innocence, her joy, her amazement at the most simple of things, things that we too often pass by without notice. I will see, hear, smell and feel her world for a while, and it is all good.

Till later, Patti
PS another view of the Mohonk Mountain House!


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