It was our 10th anniversary and Larry and I skipped over the bridge to Rhinebeck for some light fare at the Bistro at the Terrapin, then to see the movie House of Sand. I had the cream of garlic soup, which I LOVE, but now I am regretting it as I forgot how it my body "processes it" and that might be ruining our chance for any romance for the rest of the evening.

The movie was a well done and artful movie, though eerie, sad and poignant, but thankfully had some redemption in the end, unlike House of Sand and Fog which morbidly depressed me for days. This film was full of strong surreal images, as it was filmed in the sand dunes of Brazil (who ever knew Brazil had desert and sand dunes?) and had an air of overall desolation, loss, depair, and the strained and sometimes painful but loving relationships between three generations of mothers and daughters over a span of 60 years. I don't want to tell too much here, as I hate reviews that do that. It starts out with a mother and pregnant daughter (played by mother and daughter in real life) deserted by a string of bad luck in the desert, miles from civilization in the early 1900's. I won't tell more.

It is worth seeing for the cinematography and stunning and strong images. I like a movie that is thought provoking and moving...and this certainly fits the bill. The story is well done save for a rough transition in one part that took me a while to ease into, but in general the acting is impressive.

I am sensitive to the mother daughter relationships in the movie. They have a strong bond, yet there is a distance created by both situation and the need need for independence for both mother and daughter. I have struggled with my own daughter for 12 years on this, and I still have so much to understand and learn about the relationship we have. I believe it is a universal struggle, and often it is soooo painful.

Off to drink my tea. I hope I was not too vague and esoteric in my description of this movie. If it is so, it is because I think you should watch it and fill in the blanks yourself, and I am tired and need to take myself to bed and spend what waking time is left with my husband. patti


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