Last evening was the opening of our local art society's show Anything Goes. An open members show, it was diverse in styles and medium.

The weather was not great, but we escaped only with intermittent showers all day long, not the flooding rains we were expected from Ernesto. There was a nice breeze, and it was cool. The only things we were missing was the colors of a rainy Autumn day in the Catskills. The preparation I made in my studio which can flood in the event of heavy rains was for naught, but it is better to be safe than sorry!

I have to thank God, the universe, Buddah, and those involved in the process at the society, for all the publicity that I got for the show, from write ups in various venues, to the show card and poster.

Early on it was a slow but steady trickle of people, and as it got later, beyond the announced hours, more people came. I feel like I am a bride at a wedding at an opening; I spend much time talking with many people, and not getting to enjoy my visual surroundings. I will go back when it is more quiet and really spend time looking at the members work.

Obelisk III was done about 4 years ago. It is a piece made with a print I made in a workshop at the Garrison Arts Center taught by artist and friend Valerie Fanarjian
which I collaged upon. As a child I had nightmares that obelisks were coming to kill me. In therapy I discovered its Freudian symbolism, but perhaps there is more to the recurrant images I dreamt about as a very young child. I have not explored past lives, at least not yet, but I wonder if there are any links! I don't remember even seeing one except perhaps on TV---the Washington Monument. How could I have known about such a thing? I have made a series of work that explores my relationship with them, this being the one hanging at ASK this month. I have sold one, and have the other two framed. The show also contained the first piece of art I listed on this blog, and a piece titled "They Cut My Hair", whose story I will reserve for tomorrows blog.

I had terrible nightmares last night in a continum of a week of sleepless nights. I am sure it is the stress of the thought of going back to teaching and the craziness that ensues from my job. My biggest challenge will to be centered and not get angry or frustrated at the administration, staff OR students! OOOOMMMMMMMM.......

Off to clean, Patti


Gypsy said…
Oh so happy for you showing your art and especially the emotional art! Brave soul!

I hope you take the time to enjoy the eye candy there...and take photos!

I hope sleep comes for you without nightmares! I have been having the same problem sleeping! Hugs

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