One for you, Stephanie!

Today in school my friend and co-worker, Stephanie, said to me "your blogs are getting too heavy Patti", "I can't read them!". I thought about it for a moment, trying to remember the last few blogs, and thought, she's right, time for a fun story.

A week ago I mentioned that my friend Bardet was in town. We have quite a history together, having done many craft shows and flea markets, hiked, danced in the fields of Wittenburg, gone on road trips with fighting kids, had one crazy night of dancing together till the gallery threw us out and our dates wondered if perhaps they should just leave us behind....

Once Bardet fell off the mountain while rock scrambling and called me the next day. She needed a ride to the docs. I said, heck, no problem, and went over to her house which was in a refurbished chicken coop on a piece of land owned by a European sculptor. I was not prepared for what I saw. Bardet looked like an old lady, banged up and bruised, her arm in a sling. I stifled my tears as I had never seen my friend so damaged and hurt. Shortly after that visit she had surgery to repair her shoulder in NY and decided to take the few days after surgery to heal up at Mohonk. Since it was summer, and I was off, she asked if I could accompany her.

No problem. It took me no time at all to pack a bag, get my paints, grab a few beers and some munchies to have as we had missed lunch. Upon entering the gate, we gave her name...Wardell, and the guard had a hard time hearing. WHO? they inquired, "the Whoredells"? We laughed so hard that I thought they were going to send us away as we appeared to be babbleing fools. They let us through, and from that point forth we became the Whoredell sisters.

I settled Bardet into a gazebo once we got there, opened up our light lunch and the dark beers which I had bought along. I had developed a headache as it was hot and I was again hormonally imbalanced. Bardet offered me her medication and said it would help.... so I took one of her pills, and as the afternoon wore on, things went slower and slower and slower..........I went to stand up and almost fell into the lake. What I had unwittingly taken was much stronger than motrin, and with the heat and the beer, I did not know who was going to be holding whom up!

The few days we spent there were actually quite lovely, and being on top of the mountain is magical. (see some of my July entries about the magic of Mohonk Mountain House) I rocked in the great chairs on the porch, fed the fish, led my friend around who was in great pain, did some painting, enjoyed the smell of 150 year old wood and furniture, gazed upon faces now living only in photographs on the hall walls. This painting is a view from one of the chairs I sat upon --- I think from our balcony.

She lives in California now and whenever she comes back east we try and go to our mountain of memories. We have been up there a few times for a girls spa day, for walks, but no hikes or skiing, as alas, now I am the injured one.

I am blessed with such times and hope you got a chuckle Steph, cause you are right, I need to balance the dark with the light!
nite! patti


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