Drawing From Life: a book review

Every day I put up a different greeting card or artwork. I try and make it relate to the topic at hand. Sometimes I use a piece from my antique paper collection, but most of the time it is something I have made in the recent past either as a painting, a collage, a card. This blog has become my cyber journal of my thoughts, my journeys.

The main focus of this post is a book review, but I thought the verse from a card I made this afternoon which came from an old nursery rhyme made a lot of sense. This book is about the passion of journaling in its many forms. They are as individual as the artist. "Water won't quench fire" is a good analogy for those of us that must make art. That art can take many forms, and without art they are dead, lost, unfulfilled. The passion for art is unstoppable. When I speak of art I speak of the act of creativity, whether it be painting, writing, or dancing.

The book Drawing from Life: the Journal as Art, is by Jennifer New and is published by Princeton Architectural Press, NY. It was sent to me by a customer with whom I have had some wonderful correspondence. I am making her a little journal, and she has bought many of my cards. She sent this book to me as a gift. People like her renew my faith in the kindness and goodness of mankind, to counterbalance what politicians and the media tries to sell us as otherwise.

The book has heft, quality, and is graphically motivating and fascinating. It provides us with an intimate look into the artists minds through their journals. Included are the journals of many insightful artists, geologists, musicians, travel writers and thinkers. It includes David Byrne from Talking Heads, the 1,000 Journals Project, John Copeland, Mike Figgis, and dozens others. There are painted journals, collaged journals, journals abounding with mini works of art, photographs, calligraphy, cartoons and stories. These aren't people seeking to make "altered art journals, ", it just happens that way. In these journals they give us a visual and literary voice to the inner workings of their minds, their relationship and observations of the world and universe around them. 31 journals, 192 thick, juicy, exciting pages.

This book is not fluff, it is not craft. It is pure inspiration, art, intellect and a direct connection with people who give us flashes of their minds within the confines of the two covers of a lovely, thought-provoking book.

You can go to the website, www.papress.com to check out this and other high quality publications.

I am off to bed. Larry has made some of his magical ginger tea. I feel something coming on, and he swears this will heal me. I know that rest and taking care of myself will certainly help, so I am off to burrow under the covers and continue reading A CASE FOR ISRAEL, another book sent to me by a good friend and customer.

Oh, and if you like the card, it will be on Ebay momentarily.



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