Fairy Godmother

I am too sick tonite to get into anything long, heavy, or intellectual.Larry has made me MORE giner tea, I am drinking a bit of vodka, and had chicken soup for dinner.

I have gotten the proverbial BACK TO SCHOOL cold. My students have not been trained to cover their mouths, and cough and sneeze all over my room. (they are teens no less). I am sure that lack of sleep, the stress of going back to work, and my family life has weakened my immune system which is usually strong. I sneeze more than I talk, and am into the package of dinner napkins as my tissues are gone.

I used my last bit of energy dancing to the Scisson Sisters with my granddaughter who thought the line "take you mama out all night" was something worth repeating, and had a blast dancing and spinning. However, a few minutes of that, and I was spinning myself.

This print is a great print by Gustave Dore which can be found on the Etsy -- link to the right. It is titled Fairy Godmother and is from the 1800's. We all have fairy godparents---they are all the magical people in our lives. Friends who send us presents, spouses who give to us unconditionally. Love them, thank them, appreciate them,
In love xxx Patti


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