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I am taking a workshop with Melissa Harris and am looking forward to a new experience. You can access her website by clicking on her name that is in blue...I have made it a link. The title of this painting is Margaret Mary and is an oil on paper. Melissa combines meditation and other methods of going deep within ourselves with art. I have known Melissa for a long time and have purchased her work. She is a successful fine artist and business woman to boot. Plus, her work is infused with spirit, peace, and beauty. All the things that I desire so dearly to become a way of life for me and for the world. Visit her website and read about her workshops and appearances. Oh, and I asked her permission to include this image on this page!

She recently sent out a questionaire so that she can prepare for the October workshop. After writing it, I thought that others might want to read my responses over the next few days on my blog. I have shortened the questions a bit, but not the answers. I think when we visit other artists and see how they think, it provides a connection between us which is important as often we feel rather unique and alone in our thoughts and world.

Please feel free to post comments on my blog. I know I get them, and I think the public can access them if they click onto them. I am still learning this blog program!


What makes me want to create?

I love to make things, whether it be earrings, cards, or fine art. It is deep within me. It calms and soothes me, and gives me much joy. I also like the additional monies that I can earn from my art. It gives me a sense of success and power when I actually MAKE money from what I love to do. Like most artists, I make art because I want to, I need to, and love to

Things that inspire me…..

Antique paper, paint, a beautiful landscape, the wing of a bird, a visit to a gallery, a visit with a friend. Art, books. The world around me inspires me and it is varied. Sometimes music, and sometimes tragedy and pain or joy. Or at times complete silence. Life itself is my inspiration

About being blocked…

I stopped worrying about being blocked. If I can’t feel I can paint, I will go to another medium. I can always make something creative, even if it is not the medium I am blocked in. As long as I can create something, then I feel ok. I know it will come back to me at some point in time….and if it doesn’t, then I seek out things to jumpstart me or explore other avenues of my life.

My creative cycles….

My creativity is directly related to the amount of time I have on hand. I tend to create more and better when I am under a deadline or given a challenge. I am a busy woman who fits in my creative time when I can. Family comes first, then my job that pays my bills, then my art. I lock myself in my studio when I am depressed or angry, as it is a safe place for me to be. And, I might add, these feelings are sometimes related to my nutty hormonal cycle. Or my crazy family. I have no choice but to go with the flow and get in there when time allows me. Sometimes I do have to stop the world though so that I can get in there otherwise it would never happen!

Creative Urges…..

I do try and follow them when they arise, but quite often life gets in the way, leaving the ideas and urges in a back “waiting room” till I can get to them. I don’t think they ever go away, they just wait patiently. When I can , I try and fulfill them when they arise, but don’t get too upset when I can’t.

What would I like to change…..

I would like feel less insecure and scared to make art. I would like to just do it without the pressure of wondering if it is good enough, will it sell, etc. I would like to be a better artist and painter. I would like to develop a cohesive body of work that explores who I am and how I relate to the world. I would like to be freer, less anal about my work.

I will put on the rest tomrrow. Thanks again! Patti


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