House of Sand----one more comment

Long day today, full of teaching, lectures about ancient Egyptian art, meeting with the seniors, Physical Therapy, stopping to see my son......

I decided to go to the tanning booth to try and keep a bit of my tan from Mexico for an upcoming wedding, and I fell asleep within 3 minutes of lying down. I was only in there for 12 minutes, and I went out cold FAST. I am still not well, and have not slept decently in over a month, so I passed out in the warmth with middle of the road rock and roll playing in my ear.

Before I drifted into lala land, I was thinking about something that bothered me in last nights movie. There is a scene where the mother, after being alone and presumeably celebate except for one heart breaking fling for 10 years, has hot, hard sex with a runaway slave. A Brazilian woman and a black man. Her daughter, who is about 10, comes upon the final throes of their lovemaking and hides under a table.....angry, confused, with her mother reaching out to her, in a haze of fulfillment and wanting to reach out to her child and comfort her. She is rejected.

In the next scene (the scene that threw me and took a bit to get into what happens) has the daughter now 30ish, is a drunk and having free sex with men. Perhaps there was no connection intended, but Larry and I both agreed that we felt that there was some subliminal message there.....exposing your child to sex (just so happened it was interracial) will make them drunks and whores, where the reality really was, that she was so unhappy that she sought comfort in the bottle and in men. Perhaps it was just the way the scenes were connected that gave us this impression...but it bothered me and I felt I had to comment on this.

I have to get ready for the weekend as we are getting away from life for a bit of fun. This is a pic of Larry and I being silly late at night after coming back from our night out. I won't have an entry for tommorow, but will post on Sunday night.

Always thinking and musing, patti


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