If you read yesterday's blog then you know what this part II is about. If not, then give it a read, and this is the final part to it.

Subject matter…

I love the landscape. I am frustrated that I can’t do figures well, and collage has given me the medium in which to express the human figure without having to draw/paint it etc. I would like to change that, but that, like anything else, takes time and work and practice. But if I could paint the landscape, develop a voice in that, I can still collage a means to express myself in other ways. I would rather pick one thing and learn how to do it well and find or create MY style.

What I would like to get out of this weekend. ….

I am looking forward to the spiritual part of the workshop in addition to learning technique. I have never meditated, but I yearn to go to other realms of reality and to explore the universe, the brain, and how to connect with it all. I am a spiritual person, and look to developing that even more. I am at a point in my life where I have a great yearning for this. To heal, to love, to live in peace and joy.

I have, however, worked from my dreams which have been quite fertile, interesting grounds. I would love to explore lucid dreaming and daydreaming……

In regards to technique, I am a sponge. I love how you work in oil pastels, and how you paint. A lot of it I know is just doing it and learning how the medium works, how far you can push it, and how the colors relate to one another. And not to have fear. Like the ad says JUST DO IT.

I know that I will grow in spirit, depth and as an artist from your workshop. I look forward to working in your space, with you, and want you to take it as far as you feel you can with the group you are working with. You have a very willing and hard working student here, LOL.

Fave artists….

Whew. I love my friend Rob’s work as it creates a mood…..a feeling. I love yours for their narrative and spiritual and free qualities.

I have always loved the Pre-Raphaelite Painters…Rossetti, Burne-Jones. Also the Surrealists, and the Symbolist painters such as Redon, Blake, Klimt and others.

I guess I love color, story telling, with an element of spirituality and emotion in them. Though I like and enjoy realism, it is the mood and the story that captivates and moves me.

The role of art in my life…..

I look at my life as a work of art in progress, a performance piece, my environment and ever changing installation work. (often a messy one hahaha) I am the embodiment of art itself. I need not be actively painting or making anything in order to be making art. BUT I am at my best when I am actively making art and it is there I come to terms with my angels and demons.

My intention concerning creativity….

I teach art full time. Though I love the kids and my job for the most part, it keeps me from my true love, and that is making art full time. The problem is, until I can find a way to make as much money on my art as I do teaching, I have no choice but to keep working. I do plan to retire w/in the next 10 years, and hopefully I will have many good years left to explore art full time while collecting some kind of retirement money and supplementing it with my art. It is necessary to sell my work on some level in order to live that life that I want to live. And that includes keeping up a house, traveling, having good food etc. I figure I am on the 10 year plan with the understanding that life throws curve balls at us all the time and I may have to adjust my plans. But at least I have a vision and plan on living to 83, dying in my sleep with a paintbrush in hand, happy and fulfilled.


Ah……I love music by Bliss, Loreena McKennit, David Darling et al. Classical is good too. Folk, alternative but nothing too harsh. I like a sense of peace and tranquility in my space.

There is a PS to the above..once in a while some good old rock and roll gets me pumped up, which can be a good thing when in the mood.

Off to bed. It has been a very long long day. I had to work from 8-5:30 today and then got dinner, came home to do some business and now off to do the dreaded PT exercises. BLECH. Till tomorrow. xxx patti


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