My Affinity for Monkeys

People might wonder why monkeys show up on my greeting cards on a fairly regular basis.

Monkeys have been a family joke for a few generations now. You just can't shake the fact that a gibbon is a type of monkey, and my last name is a troop of them.

When I was in first grade in Catholic school, one of the many mean girls yelled at me and said "I am going to look your name up in the dictionary!" and gleefully pointed out to the class that not only was my name IN the dictionary, but I also had my picture in it...a funny looking kind of ape-like creature. It destroyed me for years.

At some point I figured if you can't beat them, join them, and I practiced walking on my hands and screeching like the monkeys on Wild Kingdom. One crazy night after a long night of dancing and partying, I entertained a bunch of people with my well practiced calls. That is a moment I am NOT proud of.

Now my sister and I send each other monkey cards, monkey magnets, stuffed monkeys, monkey bookmarks......and whenever I find an antique print of a monkey you KNOW I am going to gleefully make it into a card. Once someone bought a whole bunch of my monkey cards, but usually they sit in cyberspace till I take them off and sigh, and send it onto one of my brothers or sisters.

Todays card is a patriotic monkey and is listed on ebay (link to the right) . Perhaps I will send it onto our one and only GW.But then again, that could be a waste of one good monkey.



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