One Step at a Time

It's been a long day. Teaching, then finishing the jewelry job from know, one of those art jobs that you take on that ends up COSTING you money?! I was supposed to go to the Jewish Federation Art Show/Auction tonite, but my friend Lois was sick, and cancelled, and I was just thankful that there was one less thing on my plate. I took Alanna for a walk, made gazpacho, some popcorn for the her and my daughter, and am ready for bed. I have to figure out what to teach in a few of my classes tomorrow, and I will most likely do that while trying to wind down for the evening. Or get up nice and early and sit on the toilet with a cup of coffee or take a LONG shower to get inspired. Don't YOU get inspired in the bathroom? LOL. It is one of my favorite places!

This is a card I made with antique paper this week. It is listed on ebay along with some very cool antique owl cards and a few Halloween and Thanksgiving cards. Fall is around the corner and I want to be ready for the holidays on time for once. In my quest for organization it is but one small step. But I take life one step and moment at a time. Till tomorrow, patti


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