I am no Mermaid

The title of my blog is a song from Sinead Lohan, from her CD titled NO MERMAID. She is quite wonderful, this diva from Ireland, but since the late 90's she has produced no further CD's. I believe she is busy being the mother of a few children, and I look forward to hearing more from her.

Speaking of being no mermaids, my husband and I were at the New Jersey shore last year before my accident. We paid no heed to the flags set upon the beach as we were just so excited to be on a trip together by the ocean, on a wonderful beach. He and I went in .... and before you know it, he has the look of panic spread across his face. He is shouting, I can't touch bottom! I am shouting, "well, then come back in!" and before I could finish, I too realized that I was no longer touching bottom. I guess a riptide gently swept the bottom of the ocean out from under our feet, which for me is not a problem as I am a decent swimmer, but for Larry, who hardly goes IN the water, it was. I asked him if he was OK, but I knew that things were not looking good.

It was a horrid feeling. I was about 20 feet from him and treading water. I knew I could not save him as he might pull me under and then the both of us would fall prey to the clutches of the sea. I remember reading something about throwing something out for the person to grab onto, and wondered if my string bikini top would work. I did not have too much time to debate the issue, and started shouting for help. A wonderful man came from nowhere, and gave Larry his arm. He asked if I was ok, I nodded, and swam along side of them parallel to the shore till we could get in. As magically as he appeared, he was gone. I never got to thank him for saving my husbands life, and for a life of guilt that I might have carried because I could not go and save him.

Ah to be a mermaid..to be the object of dreams, stories, poetry and song. To be shimmery and beautiful and have the ability to lure men to their death. Ok...I only have a small list of men that I might lure, but the fantasy is appealing.

This wonderful antique print is on ebay, link to the right. It is sweet, and would be wonderful matted and framed.

Off to splash in my dreams.........patti


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