Geishas and other Prints

As I mentioned, I went away for the weekend and went junking in a few of my fave spots. It gets harder and harder to find good things for both myself and for resale, but I did manage to get a few things that I fell in love with.
I have decided that I will only sell what I love..that way I am being true to myself. And, if it doesn't sell, I get to keep something that I COVET!

I have a little geisha collection in my dining room which includes a few vintage dolls, some of which are broken but have a loving home in my display, some Victorian papers of course, and a great geisha paint-by-number. I also have a few wonderful assemblages/shadow boxes that have Asian items in there, by my friend Kitty --- who shows at the Unison fair once in a while. Her art is AMAZING. She makes shadow boxes filled with antique, and other unique and lovely collectibles. She is a GRAND woman, and wished she were closer cause we would be sharing lots of tea and whatever together.

Anyway, this lovely photogravure (a process very complex and done by few these days...) is for sale on ebay. Also there are a few other prints that are remarkably beautiful and worth the money. A mat and a frame and you have a piece that is AB FAB.

Off to try and list a few more things. Ebay is trying to change some things and it is causing havoc and frustration on my end. Grrr........

Till tomorrow, Patti


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