Just got back from my friend Rob Hacunda's opening in Poughkeepsie at Albert Shahinian's gallery. Rob's website is at Artroof I am pretty sick and can barely think nevertheless talk about art, but his work is etherial, pensive, his use of color amazing and I wish I had one of his large paintings for my meditation space. I don't have a space yet, but I will make one soon. I have one of his sunsets in the Catskills which remind me of Frederick Church's work. It is much more impressionistic than Church and creates more of a raw mood, a snapshot of a moment in time. He paints more than just a beautiful picture.

Rob's art deserves more than I can give right now. The picture on my blog was one of the pieces there.

If you live in New York, Poughkeepsie is not far from NYC, and the train station is within walking distance to the gallery. As an aside, the Wailers (of Bob Marley fame) were playing down there tonite. Too bad I did not have enough energy to stay...

I am off to bed with my vodka. I have had some clear soup and spicey rolls and raw pickled ginger, but I think that the vodka will help the least to get to sleep. Larry is calling me, no, pleading for me to come to bed. I must look pretty bad. Till tomorrow, Patti


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