The Struggle Begins

Though a small picture, I love how the little boy is climbing up this dirt hill to get what I assume to be is a look at the cow. Or, he is hiding from it. Either way it is a funny picture and one I am putting on with a quick blurb before I go to bed.

It was quite a shock getting up at 6 AM. I slept fitfully for yet ANOTHER night. My chiropractor says all the stress that I do not acknowlegde or feel is coming out at night and I tend to agree. My body ached today more than it has in weeks, partly because I was sitting in meetings all day, partly due to the crescendo of anxiety I was feeling about the first day back at school.

This is my 15th year of teaching and you would think by now it would be old hat. But it is always the same. The gnawing feeling, the nightmares that start about a week before you go back. You know you won't be sleeping in late anymore, or staying out with friends as long as you can stay awake. NO more long vacations and every free moment becomes precious.

I love my job for the most part, don't get me wrong. But I also know the hard work, dedication, long hours, and emotional and physical strength it takes to do a good job.

People who say OH YOU TEACHERS HARDLY WORK AND HAVE BANKERS HOURS should be dumped cold turkey in the middle of an inner city class and see if they make it out alive.

Tomorrow the kids come. Some excited, some pissed, some hungover. And somehow I will make them feel welcome, wanted, and convince them that I have something to give them worth listening to.

And when they tell me to do things that are anatomically impossible, I will smile and remember that next summer is less than 365 days away......


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