Alanna and Alana Co.

I spent a better part of the day with my friend Debi and her daughter Alana Rose and my granddaughter Alanna Sophia. In order to be able to call each respective child when we needed them for one thing or another, we had to use their first AND middle name in order for them to know who we were talking about.

Debi and I worked together 15 years ago and have kept up as friends well after she left. Sometimes a few years will go by before we see one another again, but we always manage to keep in touch.

A few years ago Debi gave up on finding a great guy to marry and have a child with. I agree, they are hard to come by, and I might have snagged one of the last ones of that model. Too bad we never had children together cause Larry makes one heck of a great daddy-o/uncle, grandpa, to all of the kids in his life. In fact, Alana, Debi's little girl, said "Larry is kind and gentle". WOW.

Deb adopted a little girl from China, and they came for their first visit. What a beautiful, smart, loving little girl.

I made lunch, then we went for a swim in a friend's pool. It was the first time Alana from China had ever been in a pool, and she LOVED IT. Afterwards off to dinner at a great local restaurant, and then to our fave spot for ice cream.

I have to admit, I am tired and was glad when they left. I have been running around like a nut since 8 AM.....and this heat is KILLING me.

But I will go to sleep thinking of these two little girls who never met, who played with one another all day, shared, held hands, and loved and kissed all of us all day. How beautiful is that. If only adults could be like what point does it become tainted?

Oh, and I learned how to use the movie feature on my camera. WHOA just you wait. Movies will be next on this blog!!!!



Judy V. said…
You are blessed with many wonderful friends and the picture of the women and the little girls is beautiful.
Your blogging friend

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