Mechanical Techno Girl

I am sitting in the Honda dealership, waiting for them to diagnose my car. I have to sit and wait for my car as I don’t have any other choice. Fortunately this time it isn’t 95 degrees in the waiting room as it was the last time I had to sit for a few hours.

It is always interesting going to a car dealership instead of my regular mechanic as they see a woman and think that I don’t have a clue. What they don’t know is that I used to be a small truck/trailer driver and safety mechanic, and though things have changed since I did that 28 years ago, I am fairly mechanically literate. Jamie my mechanic treats me like a person who understands what he is talking about, and I am always interested in the “what and how” of things.

Earlier this morning in preparation for the undetermined amount of time I will spend sitting here, I perused I-tunes and discovered Pod casts that I could download for FREE. I typed in NPR, and spent a good part of a half hour looking through the menu. I stumbled upon the Grammar Girls pod casts on writing which whet MY appetite, as well as music interviews. I did not have time to search what other pod casts are available, but I suspect more than I can ever listen to. And, in this world of super information, it is nice to be able to cut to the chase and obtain information instantly on about just about anything.

Of course I also bought my laptop. It is always interesting to see if I can pick wireless on an unsecured system, but the dealership is secure, and there are no other signals. BUT I can still write my blogs for the day, when that is done, I will listen to my I pod.

Well, the mechanic just told me that my car has to come back as they have to order parts. I am a bit suspicious when a dealship does not have basic things like a seal for the transmission and the basic electronic door lock mechanism. After all, it is only 4 years old and I saw at least 3 other CRV's in for service. Do I believe him? Not really. But I will call THEM at the end of the week!



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