This American Baby Boomer Life

I spent a lot of time thinking in the car the past 10 days. My odometer claims I had driven nearly 1,000 miles, and during that time I have done a lot of introspection.

I love the series This American Life on NPR. As I have come to face some of the intensities of my past while on the road, I have garnered many memories from that time....stories which touch so many of us who grew up during the 50's and 60's. There is healing to be found in shared stories, and many of us boomers are looking for peace and a way to make sense of it all as we approach our golden years.

On the way home a 2 hour trip took 4 hours due to an accident. I made use of my time listening to music, thinking, and reading. (The Mermaid Chair-will discuss that more at a later time) I took pictures of utility towers which have always fascinated me; they look like an image of a screen shot from a Twilight Zone episode which gave me nightmares for years. I took pictures of trucks bearing down on me like something from a Stephen King novel. Memories of road trips from my life flooded me; of horrid accidents, throwing up in my father's Mercedes, of escape.

Perhaps I will find the truth, answers, and peace on the road. And if I do, I will give you the mile marker.



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