On the Road

It has been unbearably hot here. Too hot to garden, too hot to be outside swimming.

I was feeling domestic (a rare occasion-I failed Martha Stewart school miserably) so I sewed a tablecloth out of some beautiful vintage cotton fabric I had been saving for years.

I was so excited, put it on the table, and alas, it was too small. I felt the wind go right out of my proverbial sails, and stared at the tiny tablecloth on the table. Not to be deterred or have my fabric go to waste, I found another tablecloth to go under it. THERE I thought to myself. I am going to MAKE IT WORK

Of course, I had the full intention of seeking out my William Morris print to make a curtain for a door into my sun room, but after that disappointment, I decided to save that for another day.

I headed into town to do some errands that had been awaiting me for a while. I figured my car has A/C, as do the stores, so I made cool use out of the hot part of the day.

One of the things I accomplished was buying a router and successfully installing it on my computer. Not rocket science, it all works, and now I can move about my house with my laptop. I am heading to the Cape for four days, so you will hopefully be getting posts from me on the road when I can find an open network or there is a great chocolate/coffee place in Orleans that has wireless. I suspect I may become a morning fixture there. I also have Photoshop on the laptop, so I can do all my digital photography work. Between my computer, my books, and my paints, I should be set to more than entertain myself in any down time I may have.

This photo is of the Kingston Rhinecliff bridge as I headed over to Lois' to get my mane cut. I had hoped that I could shoot the landscape from the car as I drove over the bridge, but going to the east side is inclined just enough that the railing interfered with any landscape photos, thus the wild shots from the car driving over the bridge.

Some people hate that bridge, it is also a bridge that people like to jump from. It is a beautiful view, and very high. I happen to love it, especially driving west, as the view of the river and the Catskills is splendid.

Off to start the day! patti


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