Everything Must Change

Judy Collins did the song Everything Must Change on her Bread and Roses album. I can't find the lyrics, but essentially the first two lines sum it up:
Everything must change
Nothing stays the same....

NOTHING. Especially the places, people and things that we often seek to find solace and comfort.

This especially hit me when I made a trip to a State park after my therapy appointment. I spent my tortured teen years in the Catskills and I figured I would find comfort in returning to the embrace of those gentle mountains.

I had been going to that park for over 30 years. I had surveyed the land and the trees there when I was 16 as part of an environmental youth group before it was even made and was forest. I took my children there as youngsters, and then went with my students up until about 6 years ago. There was a sand beach, a lovely small lake, and views of the Catskills all around. The beach was often full, and the ice cream truck came every day. I was looking forward to reliving such fond memories.

I arrived with my beach chair, my blanket, my Ipod and book, planning to have a mid afternoon retreat in the mountains. I was meeting a friend and her grandson up and we were going to have a grand old time.

I park and notice there is orange tape around some heavy duty construction equipment, and a pavilion being built. Hmmm that is new. I gather my things and head to ......where the hell is the beach???? As I walked closer, I saw that the "beach" area was now overgrown with sparse grasses and covered in goose droppings. Flies and bees hovered above their nests and the feces. Within 5 minutes, we had to leave. We ventured to the other end, by the dock, and settled in an area less infested with bugs, but still covered with geese poop. Well the hell, we paid to get in so we were not going to be deterred that easily. We set up a spot and managed to swim a bit, while the geese swam back and forth muttering to themselves, most likely about our invasion of their feeding grounds.

A far cry from the GORGEOUS kettle ponds of the Cape, but the company of a good friend and wanting to have a good time saved the afternoon. And the mountains were still soft and welcoming, both Big and Little Tonche.

I heard someone cut their foot on glass in the lake, so the State closed the beach.
Perhaps someone sued. It made me sad, but I will be back, because it will change again,as everything is apt to do....


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