Sunday with Riccardo and others

Tonight's photos were taken during sunset after a rainstorm on my way up Route 28 to Woodstock. Anyone who comes to the Catskills is probably familiar with 28 as it is one of the main thoroughfares. I happened to have my camera with me for once. My guest Riccardo said we should put on our cameras before we even put on our underwear.

We went to hear Riccardo at the Center for Photography in Woodstock last night. Larry has been working with him as he is doing a residency there. He is 26 and lives in Puerto Rico. I was so fascinated with his ideas and his drawing/collage/photography work that I told Larry that we MUST have him over for brunch.

Those of you know know me well, know I am not much on entertaining. In fact I really downright hate it. It means I have to clean my house and make some kind of food. Lately I don't care so much about the house. I have resigned myself to the fact that my house is very lived in and has lots of stuff around, thought it is really interesting "stuff" to look at. I have also discovered that you don't have to stand in front of the stove for hours. People are very happy with a few different salads, some pasta, and a few other tasties. I am going to reformat the magazine REAL SIMPLE and call it DOWNRIGHT LAZY. hahaha.

So today I made a lovely brunch and spent a few hours getting to know a very spiritual and creative young man. We both inspired one another, and I hope to partake in a collaborative art project with him and others. Once I get his website information I will publish it here.

I had the good fortune of getting a seating at the Calico Restaurant's (Rhinebeck)once a month wine dinner. Very intimate (seats 24) where the many courses were carefully matched with a variety of wines. Canapes included mushroom soup, chicken liver pate, brie with pesto and red peppers. Appetizers were shrimp bisque and mushrooms stuffed with wild boar. Main dish was flat iron steak with a tomato and red pepper sauce, served with roasted potatoes and spinach (the last of which I could not eat). Final dish was some kind of lemon mousse cake with meringue. BLOAT.

So now I am ready for bed. Larry is just coming in I think with Riccardo. I am a bit tired so I won't last long, just long enough to chat for a bit, fix up the guest room and head to bed.

Another fantastic day here in the Hudson Valley!

Till tomorrow xxxx patti


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