Going Underground

By the end of today the ole PMS monster reared its ugly head at me. I have been battling with nights without sleep. I lie there watching the clock tick, I feel like I am burning up, and am totally wired. I can't blame in on caffeine, one night I had nothing to drink, and I KNOW it is my hormones, and perhaps, maybe even the full moon. All I know is by 2 am I am ready for some sleep.

As the evening wore on I felt worse and worse and was beginning to feel like the scarey skeleton on the card. I HATE when this happens, and I am sure Larry does too. However, it waited till after my guests left (good thing cousin, no?!!) and the only one who has to deal with me are the cats and my husband. I got smart and locked myself in my studio for hours till I felt civil enough to come in.

Tonight's art work is a card from the 1800's. It is one of my favorite ones, even though it has been trimmed down and is probably not worth much. It is just so macabre, and right up my alley.

Got to get some shut eye tonight, and hopefully we will all survive the evening!



Judy V. said…
The skeleton card is halarious not your condition:) I do empathise
MB Shaw said…
I hear ya. Doing the same thing over here in the Midwest. Can it be the phase of the moon? Hope you are sleeping soundly as I am writing this......

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