Heat Stroke

Poor repro of my painting, but this is how hot it feels in my back room. I am frantic with packing for a four day trip to the Cape. I have never been this disorganized. I guess having a busy day and a 2 year old and trying to function in a steam bath in a house that has no central A/C. (which makes me think of somewhere deep in Louisiana, swamps and bugs and the sounds that your feet make walking in mud)

My mind is fried, I am running around, trying to make sure I have everything I may need for my four days of R and R. I am so technically demented with all of my equipment that I must bring...iPod, laptop, digital camera, cell phone, and all the adaptors that go with them. Oh and my art supplies to boot, and books. And meditation videos for when I am awake while others sleep.

Perhaps I will use none of them and just lie on the beach and listen to the ocean. Novel idea, isn't it?

Will be reporting from further east....patti


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