On Being Domestic

This is my sister and her beautiful 2 month old baby Alexander. My sister has a 12 year old, a 2 year old and the baby-she is going to be 42 in December! I find her quite amazing and don't know how she does it. She has to return to work from her maternity leave next week.

Her life is complex with she and her husband working in Manhattan, a child in Jr. High, one in pre-school, and the baby will be cared for in the home. My head spins watching all that she has to do and I have been helping out whatever way I can.

Whenever I feel overwhelmed with my life, I am going to think of her and that will keep it all in perspective.

She talked to me about the re-occurring nightmares she has about not being able to get back to her family in Westchester from NYC. I am sure she has flashbacks to 9/11 when this happened. I can't blame her. I have told her to please call me if she ever needs anything.

I have fallen in love with a little boy who smiles with his entire being when he sees me. I spent some time in the yard with him this afternoon, rocking in a chair and singing to him while he held onto my thumb cooing. I shall cherish that for a long time: the warmth of a summer's day wrapped around us, safe from the distant storms, the sounds of children playing in the streets. It is a peace that I did not find as a young single mother some 20 years ago, and a peace that I want to revisit. I am glad to have found it here, today.

To innocence, love, trust and family.



MB Shaw said…
There is nothing quite like the innocence of a baby. He is adorable.

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