It's all Divine

The weather has been PERFECT. T-shirt weather, and I carry a jacket. 70's. No humidity. Crystal clear. Beautiful sunsets. Fabulous architecture, art, food, people. I was so over-stimulated yesterday at one point I felt dizzy with the intensity of it all. And that was BEFORE I had that great gin and ginger drink in one of MOMA's fancy cafes.

People have been so friendly. Of course, the three of us are giddy, delightful women to boot, but we have seen none of that New York attitude.Not on this trip.
From doormen to security guards and the local police (who I kindly had to ask where the neighborhood liquor store was...)we have been greeting with kindness and humor. Guess putting it out there really IS infectious!

We went to St. John the Divine. What a fabulous church. It is still recovering from the '01 fire, and I snuck open a door to get the middle picture. We hope to get to the Buddhist temple here on Riverside Drive today to check out that center of spirituality. If I lived here I would find refuge from the hustle and bustle of city life in these churches and buildings, and just sit quietly in the cool hushed seats.

MOMA was great; I had not been back there since they "revitalized" it. Great to see familiar paintings.

I have enjoyed the diversity in New York. We don't have that so much in the mountains. I love that I can order almost any kind of cuisine at 10 pm at night and have it delivered to my door. I love that I can sit in an outdoor cafe and sketch away sipping on a martini or seltzer.

The three of us mused what it must have been like, those artists in France, who also sat outside enjoying their libations, talking politics, sketching the crowds.

It's all divine. Patti


MB Shaw said…
Sounds like a charmed trip. Enjoy!
inventivesoul said…
Wow you are here in the Big Apple.
It has been such YUMMY weather here too!

If I was not feeling so drained, I think that I would also enjoy Manhattan on a day like today!
Will you be staying for the fireworks tomorrow night?

Have FUN!


PS my Bday was in April, the gift was a belated gift.
They are still coming in the mail... even now!

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