More on Art and Healing

Just a quickie as I am heading to bed.

A busy day, and a lovely dinner at friend's house whom we adore. They are younger than us, and I so love the energy and different perspectives that they both have!

I went to the doc today for my physical. Though I have to have a few standard tests done (like my cholesterol, and the "where are my hormones at test")she thinks I am in wonderful shape. The month off has done wonders for my mental and physical self, and at 125 lbs I am in pretty good shape. Won't ever run again, but I am finally physically active. My blood pressure is holding steady (I do take meds but it has been high even with them) and the rest of me is in good health.

I eat responsibly, do everything in moderation, and I think art does have a way of calming me and keeping me sane. I feel like I am returning to my body again. Amen.

Tonight's art is a digital piece which is way too compressed for my likes, but in person it is really really detailed and cool. Through my art (and writing) I also hope I can heal others.

To health, patti


Anonymous said…
Beautiful art
Beautiful spirit
Thank you for the inspiration
Anonymous said…
You've got a great exercise routine, her name is "Alanna."

Much love to my family upstate,

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