Lorna's Naturals

I am a spoiled woman in some ways. I drink only fresh ground organic coffee made with filtered water. I bathe with preferably home made soaps that have little or no animal products in it. I use Aveda shampoo and conditioner. And, after the shower, there is the lathering on of body creams.

I have tried many creams. Larry periodically buys me Christian Dior scented lotions, but they cost a small fortune. I sometimes buy unscented Aveda lotion and add oils to it. But the BEST (and I have tested a lot), are Lorna's homemade lotions (and soaps, and shampoos etc.)

At nearing 50, my skin is thirsty for a very rich moisturizer for both my face and body. I have used her face cream, and all of her body creams. Each one is more decadent than the next: the Classic with lavendar, tangerine, patchouli and rosewood, the Gardenia cream, and the Lavendar and Sandlewood Cream.

I have been going to our local farmer's market where I had been buying her products for the past few years. This year she has not been there. :( BUT when I was on Broadway and 112th, in NYC, I entered this little boutique (which is very very cool...found a great skirt by TRIBAL which I fell in love with and bought) and found that they carried Lorna's creams.

I immediately bought the last jar of cream that was there, and have been looking for every excuse to lavish my body with it. I rubbed on some Gardenia cream hours ago, and my skin still carries the scent.

Visit Lorna's website I highly recommend the face cream, the body creams, and the soaps. Made in the heart of the Catskill Mountains of NY with spring water.

And, by the way, after I get the cream on, I need nothing else. My day is complete.



MB Shaw said…
I swear we are twins, lol. I am heading right over to Lorna's website post haste. Perhaps I need a little b-day gift to self, ha!
Vanessa Weber said…
Hi Patti, I just discovered your blog - it's great. I, too, am in love with all of Lorna's products. My family has had a house right outside Phoenicia for the past 25 years and at least every year we discover something new and wonderful about the Catskills. Lorna's classic hand cream in particular is one of our most exciting finds. We all love her! Glad you do, too!

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