The Long Way Home.....

Am heading home on the bus as I type. I figured it was a good use of my time to compose my blogs while I am sitting on a bus for two hours.. I have been enjoying my laptop and slowly figuring out the changes made in Windows as well as the individuality of this laptop.

As I write on the bus however, the jiggling and bumping makes it hard to type, I keep losing my cursor, and opening windows I don’t mean to.

Twenty five years ago I swore I would never be tied to a computer. My ex was an IBMer who spent hours on our computer at home. We had a horrid divorce, and for a long time I abhorred anything that reminded me of him, and that included COMPUTERS.

It was not long after we split that I needed a job, and landed one as a medical claims examiner for Met Life. Those were the days of DOS and monstrous computers and screens with neon green text.

After that temp job ended, I secured a job coding and billing for three surgeons, and was introduced to a much more modern system and had to learn the program.

Mainly self taught I have learned Photoshop and a bit of Dreamweaver, built and launched my own website, write two daily blogs, and sell my work and collectibles via eBay and Etsy.

Here’s to technology and the computer age. Yes, I can be a bit of a geek, but it keep me out of trouble, and I have access to a world full of art and artists, and other freaks like me!!!

Viva la computer! Patti

PS: Image taken from the bus window on my way home. Splendid.


Judy V. said…
A bus ride home from NYC reminds me of the Midnight Cowboy. SO a toast the marvelous invention the computer, internet, to the world of art, artists, and freaks like us.
Anonymous said…
Erica is spending the week in Red Hook.
I will miss her today.

I love that you were able to type on the bus.
I bet that helped the time pass!
What bus did you use? And what did it cost?

I have been tempted to try taking the train upstate one of these days. But HATE being stuck in a moving vehicle with no control over the stops.

I know you can relate to the anxiety.

Have fun today!


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