Celebrating the Feminine

I left for an overnight to my dear friend's house about 45 minutes away. I planned to stay overnight as we had much to talk about, eat, and we really needed a girls overnight slumber party.

Sharron and I go back to 1977 or so, when we met as art students. We painted together, sang Bonnie Raitt, had babies and married then divorced, and through the years we have made lots of memories together as friends.

This short trip celebrated our lives as grandmothers, friends, artists, planned our futures, and the most fun part -- rejoiced in the feminine.

She made a fabulous dinner and in between preps we ran outside and took pictures of one another, and talked about our ever changing and challenging lives. We support one another through honest dialog, and out of this we grow.

We had a great time, (too great as I did not feel 100% today, LOL) I tried on her fabulous dresses which made me feel like a character out of the movie Titanic. I painted my nails red again. It always seems like such a bold and empowering thing to do.

I arrived home JUST in time to meet my cousin and his son who attends Colgate at the house for some libation and snacks, then off to a photography lecture in Woodstock.

I sit here and smile, treasuring such moments of close friendship and love, and look forward to seeing her again.

Tonight's photos are of Sharron and I, and I HAD to take the one of her stuffing the manicotti. We made a very bad pun and called it manicocci. A pair of twisted sisters we are!



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