Art in the City

I am on someone else's computer. The laptop does not have a decent photo editing program on it, so I am struggling with editing the pictures I took, but was able to manage at least a few. (the Guggenheim, and the evening light in the apartment and a sunset shot out of one of the windows)

I had written an entire blog on it too, but it won't transfer from my flash drive to this computer, so I give up, especially after running on 3+ hours of sleep all day.

Dylan rocked, the walk in the pouring cold rain and the 4 hour ride back home didn't. But the weather today on the upper west side did, as well as the visit to the Guggenheim and the sketching Annie and I did while dining out at a sidewalk cafe.

Tomorrow another visit to Tom's Diner, of Seinfeld fame, then a walk to St. John the Divine's, a beautiful architectural gift to the city.

I hope to be able to figure this computer thing out. I can't get wireless Internet as everyone here in this building has it blocked (smart) and I feel handicapped while trying to learn this new Windows Vista shit.

It is all a learning curve, and I hope to be able to share the amazing photos I have of the sunset over the Hudson river from this most beautiful Riverside Drive apartment in NYC, a block from Broadway. And, as I say, it is all good.


Judy V. said…
Oh I am so jealous

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