A Sky for the 4th

I am not at Mohonk as it rained all day. Not conducive to swimming in the lake, hiking, or watching the fireworks. My friends are going to the spa, but even then all they could book was a reflexology session. And, like Bardet said: "at least having my feet touched is better than not being touched at all!"

I unpacked, worked in the studio and on the computer most of the day. I received several few phone calls from people who were in rotten moods or upset. There are some serious family issues going on, but I refuse to let them mire me down or make me nuts. I have learned to disengage, to distance myself emotionally while still caring for them in my heart. It is a bit tricky to pull off, but I get better at it as I get wiser.

I worked on a new painting - part of my sky series, and on an order. It was such a day for work as it was too wet to garden and have any outdoor adventures. That is fine as I am still tired from cruising around NYC.

This is an altered photograph of the clouds that were marching in as I rode home on the bus late yesterday afternoon, colored special for the 4th. Happy 4th to you all........


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