Saturday Rituals

On a nice Saturday I can be found at the local farmer's market, buying my food for the week: quiche from Pika's, crab cakes, fresh mozzarella, eggplant rollatini from another vendor, fresh eggs, veggies, sometimes a glass of cold currant juice, maybe some home made soap. I love the market; no elevator music, no florescent lights. I know many of the people and sometimes fantasize that I am once again in the market in Florence.

After that Larry and I usually go for breakfast/brunch,only today I felt inspired to cook and made french toast and eggs.

The gardens needed attention so out I went to stake the tomatoes, as puny as they are, weeded, put some more moo doo in some of the beds and around the plants, ripped out the rest of my old lettuce in preparation for the next planting.

I took some time to relax and finish my book, then made dinner and just got back from a photography lecture by Sylvia Plachy who coincidentally is Adrian Brody's mother (Oscar winner for his performance in The Pianist).

I try and keep Saturdays calm, a time where I sculpt my gardens, dig in the earth, and enjoy its fruits.

I took a bunch of photos as the sun was setting. The light was not good and most of the photos sucked quite honestly. I need a tripod for such light, or else different settings on this camera. BUT I salvaged two which needed help in PS, but here they are for this evening's blog.

Hope you day was lovely and relaxing, you owe it to yourself!



inventivesoul said…
It's a small world.

Her work is really cool.

I LOVE reading your blog!!!
MB Shaw said…
What a lovely day you had. I got my stuff from Lorna, by the way. Oh it is so divine.....

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