Art of and in the Gardens

My friend on the Cape is an artist in her own right-she just uses different media than I do. Hers is her house and her gardens, mine is the paints and the papers.
I have gardens all around my house. I call them my cottage gardens for the plants are quite like unruly children. I could really use some organization, weeding, and mulching of my gardens, but I don't have the time for that, so they just grow wild. They still look nice, but they are nothing like my friend's house, where they are well tended, and lovingly placed in beds that work for both the plants and the landscaping. My gardens are survival of the fittest, hers are mini works of art.

She has little sculptures about her gardens, and I took a few pictures before I left. Having been away from the computer for so long, I imported them into photoshop for some special effects.

Larry and I spent a few hours trying to tidy up the yard. We have lots of blue stone to keep weeded (weed whackers great for that) and I had to pull the bolted heads of lettuce and try and figure out what to do with the front of the house which looks like a mish mash of ferns, lily of the valley, vines, scraggly bushes....and more. I hate to pull plants, though I know many of them are out of control. I feel like I am killing live things. But something has got to give, and I did not pass horticulture I will bumble my way about it and wish Carol were here.



Judy V. said…
That garden is so beautiful I know people like that who love to garden and work outside all day make garden art art. Sometimes it makes me jealous but alas I don't seem to care much for my garden and let it grow wild.

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