Listening to the Silence

One thing I am learning in life is to make time to listen to silence. In order to do that one must sit still.

I spend much of my life running from one thing to another, whether it be job, chore, or any of the 10,000 things that need to be done. I run like a woman possessed and at times cringe at the little voice in the back of my head that hints I am a workaholic. Yet I don't see it all as work either, which complicates matters.

Nevertheless, I forget about taking time to do things that give me such pleasure...lying around reading, or sitting by the fireplace, listening to music, staring into the flames, and when I allow myself to sit quietly, I discover things about myself and the universe, and often the muse of creativity visits. (who is it that said "music is what happens in between the notes?)

So I've been listening-to-the-music-between-the-notes and in it I find peace and inspiration.

And it is good.

Patti O Quietude
PS and it is wonderful when while you are sitting peacefully, your granddaughter crawls up into your lap, wraps herself around you, and immediately falls asleep.


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