Needing the Studio

As I posted in my art blog, I have not been in my studio for over 3 weeks.

The classroom comes first, family second, and I throw everything else up in a 52 pick up card game, pick a card and play it. One card is cooking, the other cleaning, there is a smokey eyed Jack just waiting for me to invite him upstairs, and once in a while the wild shopping card wins out.

10,000 things to do. And then there is art

I miss my most sacred of spaces. I enter another zone when I go there.

I am working on two pieces for an art show about cancer. I have one completed piece which is very intense about my father, the other one is "under construction" about my daughter.

Out of all the shows I have been invited to and/or been send applications for, this one wins out.

It is so close to my heart.

I will post a photo soon as my second piece nears completion.

Patti O Healer

PS the fabulous dinner Larry made me tonight so that I could work as long as possible in the studio.


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