The Stress of Going Away

Sometimes the stress of preparing to go away is not worth going away. I have to work so hard to get time off, and this time especially with taxes, business, and school.... But of course I am excited to see my family, so I am scrambling, making decisions, prioritizing and realizing there is always the tax extension. I am so close, but it is not worth pulling two all nighters and being totally burnt out when I get there. Nope, not worth it.

Then there is the packing stress. Megan told me to dress for spring as it is warm there already, and I am frantic looking for lighter clothes among the turtlenecks, velvets, and layers. Somehow I don't trust that the weather is all that warm, so I am bringing sweaters and a jacket just in case. After all, areas to the north and west of me have WINTER STORM WARNINGS out. I am having trouble envisioning short sleeves and sandals.

What really stressed me out was when I tried on last summer's pants. I have been working out like a champ for three months now, getting firmer, feeling so much better. But something happened to my hips and butt. THEY ARE BIGGER. JUST ENOUGH so that I cannot wear them and still be decent in public. You know what I mean. There are NO underwear whose lines could not be seen in those pants.

I am down to two pairs of pants...brown and black, and maybe a pair of blue jeans that stretch.
I need to go shopping. But there is no time.

This vacation I did not do the preparatory pre-tan at the tanning salon so that my white skin doesn't burn instantly when exposed to the sun. By this time of year I am sick of being totally white and my skin suffering from the dryness of winter. Somehow the purple veins in your leg don't look so bad with a tan.

Tomorrow I am meeting Karen for a Spa Day at Mohonk. It is going to take some super human effort to not perseverate on what remains to be done. It is her birthday celebration and I must use it to refocus, relax and re-center myself, so that I can be calm Mary Poppins when I arrive on their doorstep.

Patti O Mess


MB Shaw said…
Ok, so you either go commando or but some new stuff. It's our age darlin'. Bodies doing weird stuff. You deserve a break, so have fun :-)
Anonymous said…
Definitely layer. Last night at 9pm it was 70. Right now at 1pm it's 46--yikes!

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