Another Reason not to Talk on Cell while Driving

I was heading back from my therapy appointment, and it was a wild session. You know that kind of session, one where you bare the deepest, darkest secrets that you can't say publically till after you have retired so no one can fire your ass.

Now you KNOW you ALL have some of those secrets, so no shaking your head at me.

So I am driving home, deep in thought, and musing about my higher power and what to do for dinner as my stomach was screaming. I put my cell on speaker, and proceeded to dial about four friends, and not one was home. It is illegal in NY to talk on your cell when driving, so I figure that having it on speaker in your lap makes it legal, cause you aren't holding the phone. (it does look funny to those who pass you on the road and see you talking to your crotch)

Somewhere along the line while talking to my crotch calling around for a dinner date, I derailed, all navigation systems went dead, and I went straight instead of going left, and several miles later found myself at an unfamiliar intersection in the woods of the Catskills. It is starting to get dark, and I wonder, What the F@$%?????

I eventually found the correct road, but there was a brief moment of panic when I realized that my homing device failed because I was multi tasking while driving, which is NOT a good thing to do---under any circumstance.

By the time I reached Kingston I did not find a dinner date, and I really wanted Sushi. I played the game of "if there is a parking space right in front of Kyoto, I will go in". There was a space, I went in, ordered dinner and a glass of wine, and had a lovely time reading my Omega catalog, deciding what part of me I am going to fix this summer. I love my neighborhood restaurant, where the owner sits with me and gives us tastes of things we have never had.

All is good, and amen to another lesson learned.

Patti O Navigator


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