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Two days of preparation. You think that we were having a baby, or getting a new puppy or some earth shattering event.

Well, for us it was. We had to prepare for the arrival of our new stove and fridge.

First we had to clean out the old fridge of anything we did not recognize, remember when we bought, or last ate from. That was A LOT. Then there was a TON of film in the freezer, which got transferred to my studio fridge, which I suspect is now FULL of film with little room for my drinks.

Then we had to pull out the fridge and the stove and clean up all the dust bunnies and dirt. We had done that at the end of the summer when we painted, and it is amazing how much stuff ends up under appliances. Go ahead, pull YOURS out and see tumbleweeds, space dirt, food, and dead bugs that have taken residence in the dark in your KITCHEN.

We pulled up the oriental runner, as they had to deliver through the front door which we never use. The path was full of snow still, and I knew I would have to later clean up the wood and linoleum floors.

It took a bit over an hour, but the 20 year old appliances (oh how they were no longer pretty OR clean looking) went to the dump, and our lovely new ones put in place.

The only thing is, when I came home I thought, JEEZ, it is FREEZING in here, and turned up the heat. But, it just kept getting colder. Suddenly Larry says OH NO, there is no heat as the gas got turned off and the heater is off. The only problem is, Larry has never had to light the pilot on this heater. EVER.

Fortunately my friend Tom is online, so he is walking Larry through it. Tom is one of those guys who can do just about anything. He built my studio, put the heat in that, put in a heater for me in my house in Eddyville some 20 years ago...., cut down my GIANT ancient bushes that were eating my house, did some plumbing, and probably a ton of other things that I can't remember.

Well, it is done, and all is fine. The pilot is lit, I now know how to use the burners on the stove, and look forward to figuring it out. The fridge is pretty straight forward, but the stove has some bells and whistles to it, like a convection mode, a heating tray, and each burner is a different BTU so I should do a bit of reading before I start doing any fancy cooking. I think Larry is hoping that I will fall in love with my stove and cook a bit more. We shall see....

Photo of the stove and Larry toasting to the fridge!

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John Bryson said…
stainless steel....NIIIIIIICE!
inventivesoul said…
Now, THIS is what I have been telling my husband we have been NEEDING for years.
I hope that you ENJOY and use them in the very best of health!
Cheers to you!
And I cannot wait to see how fancy you get with the stove!

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