An O Henry Type of Story---Almost

Last week I posted about the Operculum Cat Eye Shells that I bought on Etsy, and how they were used in jewelry in the Victorian era, and into early modern jewelry. I don't know if they were always used to ward off the evil eye, or if later on it became just a fabulous shell to use in a piece. It is not a precious shell--just a very lovely one.

In my Internet research, I came across the eBay listing for tonight's photo.

WOW...I got excited. It was a piece made by an early contemporary designer named Sam Kramer. I knew what the Eames era/style was, so I knew that this was a nice piece. Oh would Larry look smart with that.

I got my reminder to bid. Starting bid was at 30.00 or something like that, and I like it enough to pay that and a bit more..but when I went to bid, and saw that the piece was up to 405.00, my elation crashed.

In our brief time together this afternoon before he took off again, I showed him the piece, and he LOVED it. I told him I wanted to buy it for him, but couldn't afford it, but still wanted to share it with him. "Look honey, here is the gift I can't buy you, but you will really, really like it....."

As I write the auction has 28 minutes know I am waiting to finish this blog to tell you what the final price was...

It is down to a minute. Price has not budged.

At 26 seconds it went to 455.00 and that is where it ended.

Heck, how often does he wear a tie anyway?



Judy Vars said…
you know Patti I got so frustrated with e-bay I just wanted to buy a nice coach bag and the bidding went through the roof I wouldn't pay those prices and pay pal just because the money didn't transfer soon enough from my bank I had a big prob with the beeswax seller and it took all day to straighten it out with Pay Pal. Have a great day.. Judy
Liz said…
you can make this!

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