The Other Boleyn Girl

Lois and I headed to the movies. We were fifteen minutes early, and there were only two cars in the lot. Not a promising sign for a theater that has 6 movies running at the same time.

Instant ticket, instant popcorn, premium choice of seating.

Two teenage girls come in and sit almost in front of us and hang their feet over the backs of the chairs in front of them. A woman walks over and chides them for that. We are not sure if it is their mother, or a random person. They don't argue with her, but they don't listen to her either. I suspect it is their mother.

The movie was all that I had hoped for. In such historical dramas, I am satisfied if the actors are decent, the clothing sumptuous, the visuals and or special effects eye candy. It doesn't hurt if there are a few sensual scenes, and a half way decent story line. Take me away.

This qualified for all the above. It was easy to watch Natalie Portman, Scarlett Johansson, and Kristine Scott Thomas mesmerize, seduce, and suffer. I did not know the male actors, and they too had moments of seduction, but their dominance and treatment of women demeaned them. The strength of the movie lay in its women.

I wanted to reach out and feel their velvets and weigh their jewels. I almost felt the essence of the manor and castles. The sex was tastefully all circumstances.

I was slightly disappointed in the music, which for me was quite banal. I never really noticed it, and perhaps it was only meant to be a subtle addition of atmosphere.

However, the last quarter of the movie was ruined by my wanting to kill the kid in front of me who was texting someone on their cell phone. I don't mind them texting.. but the light from the phone was bright and disturbing me, and I nearly lost my mind and said something. Perhaps if I said it nicely she would have stopped.....or perhaps she would have told me to go f-myself. I was afraid of the latter, and let it go. But as they were chopping off a few heads, an evil thought crossed my mind.

So if you are one who enjoys a fun historical drama, go see this, it is worth looking at the pearls, the fabulous fabrics and watching betrayal after betrayal unfold.
Patti O Reviewer

photo from Olana, the one of the Catskill Castles


Judy Vars said…
I love historical dramas, would'nt it be wonderful to wear those heavy velvet costumes. Youngers and people in general need some cell phone ediquette sp. And what about those people with the ear phone walking around looking like they are talking to themselves, they think they look so cool but they drool.
annie kelleher said…
ah, ty for the recommendation... i read the book and really liked it nd wondered if the movie would do it justice.. sounds like it did... maybe a good movie to lasso up my girls to go see....

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