Those of you who know me personally know I am not a domestic woman.

Yes, my house is interesting and artsy, but I do not have floors you can eat off of, and my furniture and rugs periodically are covered with a layer of cat hair, and an occasional tumbleweed can be seen skittering about my house like monsters in the movie Critters.

I am not a dirty girl, (to the tune of Ani DeFranco's I am Not a Pretty Girl) but I don't see any sense spending time keeping a house spotless when it is like getting a Botox shot. The second it is done things start to fall apart again.

HOWEVER, the past few days I have cooked. I have to say, my new stove is an absolute delight, and I made scratch cream of mushroom soup last night, and my famous Mexican dish for dinner tonight.

My son was supposed to come over and hang out. He never called, and I made the dish half expecting him to be here for dinner. It was one of my children's FAVE meals. I am OK with it as I am sure something better came up. When you are 22, you only go to mom's when you have nothing else planned.

Larry is happy as I have proven that I can still cook, and he bought a bag of chocolate chips and two brand new cookie sheets just in case...

Off to watch Tidelands,

Patti O Chef


he should have at least called, but you know how it goes -he missed out on a home cooked meals and those taste the best


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