The Week in Review

This has been a hell of a week.

I have done major battle with my hormones. I had a headache that lasted three days. 36 hours of bad cramps and everything that goes along with that. (sorry guys....but if you read this blog, this is part of the territory). Menopause is sounding like a vacation for me, only it isn't coming soon enough.

I (and several other women) stood up for my and other's rights, only to be blamed by others for being the cause of those injustices (come on folks, are Americans really still back in the Stone Age?) It has caused me great pain and sorrow, but now I know who my true friends are and again, I am appalled at how backwards a good number of people in our culture are.

I finally had to break down and buy a new fridge and stove. The drawers in my fridge all broke, the racks that are in the door etc. One of the gas burners on my stove does not work (can't be fixed), the handle is always coming off on the oven, and I guess I should be happy that they lasted 17+ years. I don't know how long there were here before I bought the house.

That cost me my I did not want the most basic of appliances. I don't have the best, but something nice cost some $$$. But each time I use them I will appreciate them dearly, love how they look, and know I worked hard to earn them. I got Stainless in both, and the stove's grates, including the 5Th middle grate, is all cast iron which I love. And not painted enameled cast iron, the real thing. They will look beautiful in my small, but warm and cozy kitchen. Oh, and I also bought them from a store that has been in business selling appliances for 80 years. I would much rather pay a bit more for personal service and to support the small guy rather than corporate America. Besides, Home Depot and Lowes will sell you something easily enough, but try and get information or service????!!!!

The weather has wrecked havoc in my studio. A small flood earlier in the week, had me mopping up a few areas with towels, but the worst I have ever had, came last night. The entire floor flooded, and this time it bought in silt and mud. Larry stood by my side for hours mopping, wet-vac-ing, consoling me as I moved things, dried them off, threw things out, and cried. My only consolation is that the neighbors around me had to get the fire department to pump out their basements, and my house was fine. I have never seen flooding in our city like I did yesterday. The infrastructure of our city is old and needs help, they did not clean up the sewers before the winter came (or at least some were not cleaned) and roads were closed, houses flooded.....and I am sure there was a lot of situations worse than mine.

Today I have to finish my sales taxes, work on the income taxes, start mopping up more of the mud and putting my studio back together. I have work for shows I want to do, and order for a client that must be filled. And never enough time to do it all.

I am going to take a break at some time today to enjoy the sun and the mountains and drive to Shokan to my friend's store.. The Berry Patch, for some wonderful gifts for Megan and Alanna. I also have a few friends who have birthdays coming up, and I know Sherry will have something for everyone.

Till the next report,
Patti O Flood
PS...the tile in my studio is off white...hmmm.....wonder if I will ever see it clean again?


Mai-Liis said…
I like your writing very much. It is honest! I am of the belief that anything, painful periods and kitchen appliance shopping, can be interesting if written about from one's insides....not from the periphery.
Anonymous said…
Oh, I'm sorry about your flooding! Maybe you should just sandbag everything before the rainy season.

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