All Cleaned Up

Things in the studio are back to normal.

I spent yesterday washing the floor, emptying the bucket of muddy water several times, and dried the entire white tile floor with towels.

The upside of all of this is that my studio floor is spic and span, I have reorganized things, and have decided to unload or give away anything that I have not used in a few years. There is a lot of stuff to get rid of too...large pieces of leather and suede...stamp pads and stamps, hot pots, fabric....

I decided that I am NOT going to need a lot of the things I have, that I need to focus on painting and my mixed media/collage/encaustic work. That is enough to master in what is left of my lifetime. So out to eBay/Etsy will go my surplus, or to Megan who will gobble up what I send her.
She needs things to keep her busy while Dole is in Afghanistan, and while she waits for this little baby to be born.

I am delighted over the lingering light with the time change. My most productive time in the studio is when there is light. Once darkness falls, I want to be in my house and in bed. I can feel spring, I can smell it, and I notice that people are getting a little bit frisky.

Off to read Running with Scissors. What a crazy book! What a crazy life! I wonder what the movie is like? Anyone see it?



MB Shaw said…
I am so sorry you had a flood, but I know how wonderful it feels to get cleaned out and to purge the stuff you won't use. I've been doing the same and I already feel much "lighter."
You may also want to read the memoir by Augusten's brother, John Robison - Look me in the Eye. It is fantastic and will fill in some gaps in the story.

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