She Uses Protection

I joined Liz from the Photography Center, and Stephanie who was an intern there, and we spent half the day at one of our FAVORITE art places in the world to go to; R and F Encaustics in Kingston, NY

We rented studio space as it includes a totally set up workstation and all their tools and supplies. It is a DEAL.

I worked on a group of similar pieces, trying to narrow my focus while still learning the medium. My long term goal is to build a few bodies of work so that I can have options for hopefully not-to-far-in-the-future solo shows. In the meantime I have a list of shows I want to submit to, as it has been a near a year since I have remitted anything to show.

I have my surreal and auto-biographical collage works, my moody landscapes of the Hudson River Valley, and my encaustic works, most done with photographs from the latter 1800’s.

This was the only piece that I felt was finished. She is a large Cabinet Photo from the late 1800’s, and I used one of the shells that “ward off the evil eye”, thus her title: “She Uses Protection”. The others are in process, and I will post them as they evolve.

Off to dinner…..patti


Anonymous said…
Love it, it's beautiful.


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