My Latest Obsession

In May my Honda is paid off.

Larry needs a new car.

Honda goes to Larry, Patti buys new car.

But what kind of car you may ask.

I have always fantasized about driving a red sports car, and it most certainly is a convertible.
I won't hand over a chunk of my paycheck for a car, and I am no longer willing to play mechanic with an older car I may buy. They just aren't that important to me, I am not a motor head, and I would rather spend the time making art than sweating over a 70's engine.

But there is a compromise, and it seem to be the Mini Cooper convertible in red. In my price range.

It seems frivolous to allow myself to drive such a car, though for four years when my children were younger, I bought a new red Jetta. Nice.

The Mini Cooper, is made by Audi/VW now, (was by BMW) it is a sporty ride. You know there is attention to details.....

I know it is small, but I still have a CRV for the hauling jobs. This is for the cruisin' jobs, like the trip to work where I can enjoy the ride to and fro the difficult job that I work. When the kids are here, I take the CRV and Larry gets to play. He fits right into the car too.

It may be the perfect time for me to do this. There is no time like today as they say. And, if I have to work the next 45,000 years of my life, I might as well LOVE my car.

Any comments are most certainly welcome. Mid life crisis, or merely appreciation of life and enjoying it to the max of our abilities?

I have friends who have Mini Coopers AND LOVE THEM

patti o racer.

(Image from where you can get really cool wallpapers for one's "visualization" image.)


Anonymous said…
MINI was originally built by the British Motor Corporation (BMC). They were revived by Bayerische Motor-Werke, otherwise known as BMW.

Read the MINI history at

You can also design your own MINI at

Andrea, who motors in Lady Di (astro black, white roof, and white bonnet stripes)
annie kelleher said…
that is one really really cute car!!!
Mary said…
How about a Prius?
MB Shaw said…
Get one (a Mini Cooper, that is)! They are adorable, I have a couple friends that own them and my stepdaughter just ordered the new larger one cause the boys need a place to sit in back :-)Amazing storage for a small car.
Or the Scion is a great art car for hauling stuff which is always my main goal, my art sizes being limited by the size of my vehicle, tee hee. I just replaced my Saab with a Volvo wagon.

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